Has Sherlock Holmes become an action hero instead of a deep thinker?

I have just watched two of the trailers for “A game of shadows,” the soon-to-be-released film, written by Anthony Horowitz, writer/producer for various BBC mystery shows. After watching the frenetic activities of Holmes and Watson, I ask myself, Has Holmes become an action hero instead of a deep thinker? As a life long fan of Conan Doyle’s Holmes/Watson creation, I have to say yes, Holmes has been transformed into something altogether unlike the original. I say  this without having seen the film, yet. But the mood, noise and blur of activity in the trailer seems altogether out of character. The “Seven Percent Solution” had some activity in it, but the focus and the interest was really on the character of Holmes, as Sigmund Freud tried to cure his cocaine addiction. Altogether, a much more creditable version of Holmes which displayed his legendary deductive powers. The very essence of Holmes’ uniqueness is his reasoning power. Who are these guys running through the woods? Was Watson limping? He should have been. It is mentioned in the original stories that Watson was actually a veteran of Afghanistan, where he got a Jezail bullet in his leg, which made the leg ache on rainy days.

To all Holmes fans I say, see for yourself. What do you think?


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I am a graphic artist. My work is based on photography and I am also a writer of historical novels, specializing in the Victorian era with a strong emphasis on the historical connections between that time and this.I began writing by working with my late father, Alvin Schwartz, who wrote Superman and Batman comics for more than twenty years. Starting very early, about age six, I plotted comic book stories then moved on to writing film, advertising and fiction ranging from young person’s novels to my current historical novels http://hudsonhousemysteries.com/south.php. In addition to telling a good yarn, I like to use an historical perspective to comment on modern issues. I learned about art from my mother who was one of Hans Hofmann's students and had one of the last show at Peggy Guggenheim's in NYC. I have had one man shows in Montreal and Toronto. My art website is Alan McKee.com.
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