The National Railway Museum in York, UK: A larger than life reminder of Britain’s glorious past

Nothing can bring the Victorian and Edwardian eras into focus like a visit to the National Rail Museum in York, U.K. To actually stand next  to a working replica of the Rocket, a locomotive that made and changed history on the Liverpool & Manchester Line is an amazing experience. Locomotives of the Victorian era represented the very essence of the period’s most advanced technology.

World's first functional steam locomotive.© Courtesy of The National Railway Museum

As you walk across the vast interior of the Museum’s main showroom, you will actually see the industrial Revolution pass before your eyes, because throughout the history of rail travel, the railways combined and exemplified the most significant advances in design, metal work, and industrial complexity.  Travel all way from The Rocket to the streamlined Duchess of Hamilton, a locomotive so fast and beautifully designed it cannot fail to amaze you. I captures the very essence of “streamline” design of the twenties and thirties.

© Courtesy of The National Railway Museum

Not only is the Museum extraordinary, the ancient walled city of York with its many monuments will make your trip to the Museum even more worth while. Next time you are in Britain, don’t miss it! Leeman Road  York, North Yorkshire YO26 4XJ, United Kingdom 0870 421 4001.

And be sure to visit the National Railway Museum’s  extensive website at:


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