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Azimullah Khan: behind the scenes leader of the 1857 rebellion

This is a portrait, believed to be drawn from life by Richard Doyle, uncle of Arthur Conan Doyle, of the man who stood behind the scenes and pushed India into war: Azi mullah Khan Much is  known about this shrewd … Continue reading

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The Music of Lucknow After the 1857 Rebellion

TWO DANCERS, PROBABLY FROM LUCKNOW In the mid-nineteenth century, Lucknow, Patna and Banaras remained the centres of the lively Purab bᾱj style of sitᾱr music, while the slower and more elaborate Delhi or Masitkhani style retained prominence in the areas … Continue reading

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The Lucknow Courtesans: Indian Queens of a Golden Age

They were perhaps the least talked about women in colonial India. Yet, they were the standard bearers of a unique and exquisitely refined culture rooted in the fabled city of the Nawabs, Lucknow. Universally known as the loveliest entertainers in … Continue reading

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Before Superman, Batman and Wolverine was…Dick Turpin and Black Bess

We usually think of comic books as products of the twentieth century. There’s certainly nothing Victorian about them, or is there? Actually, the modern comic book was first incarnated as a type of publication known in the Victorian era as … Continue reading

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