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The European Slave Trade in English Girls During the Victorian Era

For anyone who ever thought the Victorian age was a time of prudery and sexual inhibition, this post will be an eye opener. During Victoria’s reign there were more churches and more brothels in England than ever before. Is there … Continue reading

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The most difficult type of murder to solve in Victorian times

Without access to modern forensic science, Victorian crime fighters were often stuck when it came to murder by poison. A good example of this kind of crime were the proven murders committed by Stanislaws Kosloski, a.k.a John Chapman, one of … Continue reading

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The health risks of street lighting during the Victorian age

In order to light the streets of the Metropolis (when Sherlock Holmes was written, the word Metropolis was capitalized and only applied to London) the flames of the street lamps had to be produced with a stable gas not likely … Continue reading

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The National Railway Museum in York, UK: A larger than life reminder of Britain’s glorious past

Nothing can bring the Victorian and Edwardian eras into focus like a visit to the National Rail Museum in York, U.K. To actually stand next  to a working replica of the Rocket, a locomotive that made and changed history on … Continue reading

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